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Articles about Appropriate Paper-based Technology.


Radio interview with trustee Cath Barton and Deb May after the training trip February 2022


Recycle for Rehab - supports people with disabilities living in low resource settings by promoting the use of APT and providing training to produce items. It also allows practitioners to share expertise, showcase their products, share templates with others round the world.

The Potter's House CBO - Equips families and communities in Njoro, Kenya with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to become self-sufficient and end the cycle of poverty. Provides children with disabilities with APT equipment.


APTERS - an organization based in Lusaka, Zambia producing APT mobility aids for children with disabilities. The workshop also makes various papier mâché products as well as home and school furniture.

 L'Arche Kenya - use Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT) to convert cartons into disability rehabilitation assistive devices.

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