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APT workshops are continuing to make seating and standing frames for disabled children in Kenya

1st June 2022

APT4SD are continuing to partner The Potters House CBO and MCK Disability Community Centre and through a Welsh government Wales-Africa grant and a grant from the Multi-Agency International Training and Support (MAITS) and have established two APT workshops providing the equipment and materials, renting rooms, training staff, and funding the employment of local staff for fabricating APT seating and standing devices until 31st December 2022. Approximately 70% of the population of children with a disability in Kenya live below the poverty line. The families living in poverty who have children with severe physical disabilities do not have access to postural support equipment. Any such equipment is either not available or is too expensive. As a result, the children spend most of the day and night lying on the floor or bed and feeling isolated. This adaptive equipment is life changing, raising these disabled children from the floor, improving posture, reducing complications, and facilitating participation in family life as well as enabling some to access school. These new workshops in Njoro and Maua are functioning successfully and with ongoing virtual support 27 children with severe disabilities were provided with a total of 37 pieces of life changing APT equipment in the first 3 months.

APT4SD are enormously grateful to our sponsors in 2022 the Welsh government, Wales Africa grant scheme, Multi-Agency International Training and Support (MAITS), the Gibbs trust and Quest 88. Quest 88 is a Shropshire based disability equipment company who have supported the therapists in February by donating 2 Kaye posture control walkers which were given to children in need of a specialist walking aid and by funding the employment of ‘paperers’ in the Njoro workshop, this unskilled work is offered to parents from families in desperate need and living in poverty, earning sufficient to maintain their families whilst seeking alternative, long-term employment.

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